The latest in shockwave therapies for erectile dysfunction treatments, GAINSWave is a breakthrough in non-surgical ED treatments in the U.S. Generated by national leader in ED treatments and sexual wellness, Richard Gaines, MD, FAARM, ABAARM. By utilizing a method of ED treatments that has been popular in Europe for many years, shockwave therapy, GAINSWave is a specialized take on shockwave therapy that focuses solely on treating the symptoms of men’s sexual health issues (ED & PD). With a proprietary applicator and specific system for treatment, GAINSWave is proving to be one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of ED treatments on the market. GAINSWave boasts a higher success rate for treating ED (90%) than generic shockwave therapies for ED (70-80%).

GAINSWave Benefits

By applying pulsed waves that are sent from the GAINSWave applicator to the affected area, patients are given a wave of energy sent into their penis to help promote optimal function. The energy that is transferred from the audio waves into the patient’s soft tissue, works to awaken dormant blood vessels within the patient’s penis (Angiogenesis) as well as creates new blood vessels (Neovascularization) for sustained results. The blood vessels help the penis receive the appropriate amount of blood flow to sustain a healthy erection for intercourse.
  • Patients will experience harder and stronger erections after just one GAINSWave treatment
  • Erections will last longer
  • Sex will feel better with improved sensation in the penis
  • Men will have no problems achieving as many erections as they want - whenever - wherever
  • Patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease will be able to achieve healthy, pain-free and straight erections with the audio waves breaking down the fibrous scar tissue that causes PD
  • Due to the healing and growth promoting factors of the acoustic waves, some patients may experience a significant increase in the size of their penis after treatments.

Who Can Benefit from GAINSWave?

If you are experiencing irregular, infrequent or complete erectile dysfunction, you are likely a candidate for the healing benefits of GAINSWave. The majority of men between the age of 30 and 65 will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. However, you don’t have to have ED in order to receive a GAINSWave treatment. GAINSWave helps to improve men’s performance in the bedroom by helping give men stronger erections, longer lasting erections, the ability to achieve more erections in a shorter period of time, longer erections and improved sensation! GAINSWave can give you the best sex of your life! No gimmicks - No surgery - No pain. Just the perfect marriage of sexual health and proven medical science. Locate your nearest GAINSWave provider to schedule your GAINSWave consultation today!