The application of shockwave therapy to assist in men’s sexual health issues started in the Europe in the early 2000s. Urologists and other men’s health specialists looked to shockwave therapy as a more gentle way to address serious conditions in a very sensitive and vital part of the men’s bodies.

Used in many medical applications for its quick, effective and low risk abilities to promote natural and sustained healing and growth, audio waves were the perfect solution to some very common and frustrating conditions that men can face. By applying low levels of acoustic waves to the body, the waves are able to transfer their energy into the patient’s soft tissue. The energy works to relieve pain, repair sore or dysfunctional tissue in the body and promote the growth of new tissue.

At male health clinics, physicians are able to provide a safe and effective solution to common sexual health issues that men face.

For ED Sufferers: If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, a specialized form of shockwave therapy has been specifically formulated with you in mind. GAINSWave adheres to a strict low-intensity guideline to keep patients comfortable during and after the procedure and the applicator and techniques used in the procedure have produced extremely impressive and industry leading results with a 90% patient satisfaction rate.

For Men With Peyronie’s Disease: GAINSWave is also an extremely viable solution for men with Peyronie’s Disease. The audio waves work to dissolve the scar tissue that cause PD and leads to uncomfortable and even painful erections.

For All Men Looking to Improve Their Performance: Even for men without any medical condition, GAINSWave offers an impeccable solution to any man’s male enhancement desires with no known risks. Feel like you did in your 20s again, but even better and in some instances longer!

Start having the best sex of your life, no matter your condition through the shockwave breakthrough that is the GAINSWave by contacting your closest GAINSWave provider.